Saturday, February 12, 2011

Homemade Pizza, Ka-Pow!

Yes, pizza, you know it, you love it - now live it.

Normally we'd use 00 flour but we had run out, so I supplemented half of the flour with whole wheat pastry flour; and in a crispy/chewy/toothsome way, it worked.

So, what do you put on pizza? Unless we're making specific pizza for a group of people, we've always used pizza as a vehicle for using up whatever we have left in the fridge. This go around we had a bunch of basil so I whipped up some quick pesto for the sauce. We also had some tomato, sun-dried tomato, asparagus, garlic and a hard raw cheddar. 

The first few times we made pizza, we had a hard time getting the pizza from counter, to peel, to stone. There was usually a big mess made at one of those points, but now we've got it down to a science - you've gotta rock your pizza, love it like a baby, dance with it, show it a good time... then SMACK - right in the oven.

We turn our oven as high as it'll go, and short time later you get something marvelous:

...then eat:

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