Monday, February 7, 2011

Taking it from the top

According to everyone's Mother you should always start the day off with a good breakfast... so why not a blog too?

We had a bunch of eggs left over after making some fresh pasta (which we'll be ecstatic to share with you in a later post) so we decided to go with the ol' American favorite "Eggs In A Hole". Eggs in a hole is one of those classic breakfasts from our pioneering days and it's known by about one bazillion different names; but the "hole" variation is pretty snappy... although Katie would probably prefer "Eggs in a Basket" because "basket" sounds cuter. Anyway, the finished product should look a little something like this:

Instead of going into too much detail on how to create these magical little pieces of wonder we'll show you. It's really easy; put butter in a pan, get some bread (we used potato bread, because we had it) and put some holes in it, then put the bread in a pan - put the eggs in the bread, flip and eat, bam! Oh, and don't forget to toast up the little holes too. We put taleggio cheese and raspberry jam on our toasty-rounds. See below...

First, the bread:

Second, the holes:

Thrid, get em' going:

And don't forget to use your holes (mmm... taleggio and rasperry preserve):

If we forgot to cover any aspect you're dying to know about please feel free to write us or comment below.

We'll be back soon,
The Johnsons


  1. How delectably delightful. More posts please!

  2. How the heck did you cut the holes so perfectly? huuummmm

  3. @ MJ - you use a cup... left that part out I guess.