Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Chocolate Covered Awesomes

What happens when you cover roasted almonds and fresh popped popcorn with chocolate? The correct answer is: awesome.

The first thing we should tell you is that there is no sugar or dairy in anything in this post. And if you think that's weird, just wait until you hear what's up in this business!

We used the almonds instead of chocolate chips in our Vanilla Coconut Ice Cream... and it was a really, really good idea. Katie gave me an ice cream maker this Christmas and it rocks - hard. We used coconut milk because dairy and I don't get along; also, coconut milk is super freaking delicious. 

So, you mix a little honey, agave syrup, vanilla bean, cinnamon, salt and whatever else you want and pour it in here:

While the ice cream maker is creaming, it's time to toast up some almonds:

And while those are toasting, get a 100% cacao bar and melt it with some maple sugar, vanilla, salt, and a little coconut oil (that's the trick):

Now combine:

Then stick 'em in the fridge to harden, chop 'em up and stir them into your ice cream which should be all done by now.

Then, take the leftover chocolate and pour it over whatever...some popcorn, dates, or straight into your mouth.  Just don't pour it on Katie or we'll have to engage in fisticuffs. 

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